Trust Demo (2013)

by Haunted Houses

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Improvised one take demos
Recorded with Voice Memos on Iphone


released December 13, 2013




all rights reserved
Track Name: Hard To Trust
automatic lyrics -

Well my life is
as clear as the nights sky
take it for its worth
your like a prayer
and I gave you
too many years
two too many years
we all move on, no matter what so
fuck it
Track Name: I Have No Idea Why
automatic lyrics-

Do you know why
We try to find something outside
'cause I have no idea we try
then again I lie
I lie I lie another lie
add it to my tab til I die
Do you know why
you do what you do all the time
rationalize your mind
so you can see how you're blinded
did you? did truth come through?
I want to live for light
hunched over in my lies
wonderin why
but its all alright
alright, yeah
Track Name: Vapor
automatic lyrics-

snow falls
and I know love is in all
everything, every human being
cause that's all it is
like when we were little kids
we saw our selves and didn't ask questions
this is just off the top of my mind, top of my mind so
this is just off of the top of my mind here we go
all we know is, and is is all we know
so is is all in one and one is all in a whole
all of the world
in that little girl
and in that business of upsetting upsetters
victims of love brought about and reside in absent minds
truth is only reigning blind in proof, a waste of time
so use your heart of the denier of fear
crazy again, I'm here with no fear in my heart
I know we're all gonna die
and it's always alright
anyone who says else is a liar
doubt their existence with- higher eye, higher I
float with me again, again again again and again
I never put the pen to paper
should of waited should of waited but I'm of vapor
sex is in love but that's all the same so
move around town and push a pen to write your name
I lie while tellin the truth all the time so
pushin away another aspect of this day
a strangers face is so complimenting to my space
I know the truth is only inside her eye
so proof is only in vapor
Track Name: Pretty Babe
Hey pretty babe, what a shame you're layin dead in the dark
carved your name, looked like blood, knifed down in the bark
He said you're an angel now, now need to feel the doubt
because you lived the how of this life
You told him everything everything everything's all right
sometimes I look to the moon and wonder why
then I see the sun crawl out and feel the light it's all alright
Pretty babe of the dark
Tearin an angel of the light apart
No need for a fools insight when you got your own sight
No need for a fools insight when you got your own sight
the word is bond and it's damned god damn
the word is bond and it's damned god damn
I feel the world and I feel my fam
look into the stars and I see a man
I feel the world and I feel my fam
look into the stars and see a man
she blew smoke from her lips
and in a glimpse with out a kiss I felt her inside
so dark it was light so wrong it was right
so dark it was right so wrong
it was right