The Heart of No One Cares Demo (2013)

by whoever

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recorded with voice memos on iphone,
one take demos of textures and improvised loops and lyrics in the musical form of surrealist automatism
recorded over 12/20-12/23 of 2013 in New Jersey


released December 23, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Some Truth of Lies Through the Psycho-Social Eyes of Beholders, Enclosures and Lost Thoughts
automatic lyrics(freestyle)
Do you, know how to open the door into your mind
I believe you, if you have the confidence to come inside
I know allalalalalala ooooooooo
Do you feel safe consensual behind closed doors
The higher eye can see you behind closed doors
so open your eye
and deny deny deny deny deny deny the sands, the sands of time
ooooooooooo the girls sing
Desire is who I am
And we're all upon and apart of this master plan
Illusion, you're losin' Illusions on the sand
mhm mhm mhm, I am, I am
Track Name: Chill Out Dude
automatic lyrics
(been out, been a long way seen so many lights lifelike don't have many words to say)
never called called back
in fact you never called
maybe you were just too lazy
maybe I was too crazy
what the hell, what the hell do I know
Well I know hell
at least I think I do cause I'm feelin well
but I wasn't for a long god damned time
looked up to the sky saw the stars aligned for my life
sometimes the things you think to be the worst turn out the be the best
sittin around thinkin you're cursed but your really just blessed
I don't mean to yell or scream or shout
I just need to tell you about
how perfect you are, just like a shining star, (-fuck it)
and I mean it for every human being
doesn't matter what you did what you're doin or what you mean
its all true and its all lies, its all proof and its all denied
so who the hell thinks they ain't blind
Track Name: No Stress, Just Forgiveness From Dr. Man Egnahc
automatic lyrics(freestyle)

We're always at home
no matter where you go
you'll have a home
inside what you know
how many times do I let you know
you're inside the light
i know I've been me in my mind
I've found my heart and its all one bind
now I cant leave my love
no matter how I wrong I've become
away from those truths on my mind
still got love with me inside

you can't leave your love
no matter how far you've become
away from the truth and into lies
you have a heart inside in your mind
that's where you will go
when you no longer have a home
I know we'll work til the end of time
so carry it with you in your mind,
in your mind, yeah