Om Home

by Haunted Houses

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released September 17, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Crow Named September
So many thoughts with no words to use
As I drive the highway under the moon
As the darkness crept and whispered the blues
A star projecting me lit a fuse
I Drank to forget frustrating truths
Or to celebrate eternal youth
Lost in the absence that silence proves
As new as forgotten news, I am you

As I say; We'll never die
Our perspective will multiply
Into eachother's and other eyes
So we can see darkness shine bright
In the awakening there are no words to fight this light
where darkness is a shade of pain
and seeing ourselves just relieves a strain
but its bleeds through like blood in veins
causality will obtain
the beauty of life in strife, insane; is another word for cure
when everything is seen as pure
And like the waves of the ocean the pull is her
the pull is her
Track Name: A.S.T.R.A.L.
Went to school to retire
Then I went and got fired
as I sit around like a slob in my house
smoke bud and listen to modest mouse
as the years go by
I contemplate suicide
as I wait for my check to come in the mail
my son is still in jail and we can't make bail

there's away you can escape your own fate your own demise, eyes
it's in the A.S.T.R.A.L.
the only way out, you and all my friends
locked up by some trends
they can't make amends
it sounds like common sense to you
When you see it
you shine a light
in the wandering dark and it finds you
but all you got is wasted time
getting by in your mind but its never on you
you just keep running, running into the sunset
til it comes behind you in the east
and all I got is friends faded out in the streets
Track Name: Laura
Laura oh Laura won't you come back to bed
I can't take back the things I already did
I tell you, I was just playing the fool
I understand but I want you to be with me because its cool
I have nothing left in my head besides you
carry my dead body back to bed
because thats the only way I can sleep these days
I got my heart in a maze of lies I can't change
Laura oh Laura I need you now
you held my head when my body was already buried underground
I'm trying, I'm trying to have you back

And these times are aligned the fact that
I've been running blind thinking about you
nothing but the truth is real to me now
I'm in my eye and I'm just sad about you

And I know how you hurt
cuz I'm so down
and I feel like you're always around
cuz our fate is In my heart
and it will be with me 'til
I'm in the ground six feet down
It will be with me when Im in the ground
six feet down
Track Name: Waves Are Days
Darkness is like an ocean on a sandy floor
Waves are just like days I ignored
but the memories of those days can't fade
So I stay awake at night dreaming about day now
I deserve to be broken
but you, you are the ocean
that I'm drowning to save
can't think of any other way now
but now is, is all there is
all there is now
weeks and months go quicker when your lost
but when I go I don't think I'll remember something
but I think thats the pay of the cost
because when I got here I knew nothing
Track Name: Forgetting Is Immaculate
And I see
you and me
we're all aligned one with thee
buried in time for all to see
the summer haze
to the autumn shade
to where winter fades
and back again
I know where
those stares
in the trees
point back to me
opening doors to fall asleep
in the winds breeze
where my heart is free
for eternity
Track Name: Jamal's Dream (Heavy Meditation)
So the bank foreclosed on me
but its ok I got the job
lookin' for cans on the street
on the street
so I can go and get my fix
don't realize that i'm broken thats why I need it
got a shopping cart for a car
I live under the bridge, don't have to go very far
maybe to the plant to recycle cans
I think I'll kill myself in my dealers van
because he keeps a gun there
and no one has money left to spare

I remember when
I could lay my head next to you
you could take away my pain
now I feel the strain of the millennia
I hold you to my heart one last time
as I make my demise and move on
back to you
words are eyes that blind to truth
Track Name: New Jawn
I got the medicine you need
either you're trying to stay awake or fall asleep
it's all in your mind
thinking your gonna die
well, I already stepped in the other side
you, you can't divide the higher eye
is always in all ways alive, yeah

I got the medicine you need
either you're trying to stay awake or fall asleep
it's all in your mind
thinking your gonna die
well, I already stepped in the other side
you, you can't divide the higher eye
is always in all ways alive, yeah

Said I rode for the white of the Ramapo
buried deep in the earth
Said I ride the white of the Ramapo
buried deep in the earth
Track Name: Count Your Stars, They May Not Be Lucky, But At Least You Can see Them
the moon swung above my head like some sort of ever present pendulum of what seemed to calculate the days of eternity. As I stood in the first night of the brisk autumn breeze, listening to the symphony of crickets frogs and shaking trees; the voices of those who had perished before me, I felt a tightness in my chest; Exhaling the last of my cigarette, the same brand my grandfather smoked up to the point he joined the for-spoken symphony,, I knew the feeling to be an accumulated omen of the same fate which was to take me there. What was I to do on such a lonesomely serene evening? Material distractions amounted to nothing more than pornography under such a sober introspection hauntingly presenting its constance to me. As I trustily tried to drink away my sorrows the knowledge only grew with intensity. Perhaps that was why I was so lonely, there was nothing to be satisfied. The lust for others was as weak as any other lust; only a lust; a weak id driven idol; any rationalized meaning brought about the destruction of any grained passion within me; however lustful that rationale was, it clung to me like the looming echoes of my dreams, closely. There was little that could truly please me. My self a bottomless pit of empty desire but yet so thirsty for something pure, true and full of aim. An aim to make the mark; not miss; yet missing was the only arrows I had ever shot in my life. I was a failure of sorts, in the eyes of my father and mother quite possibly the only eyes who watched me grow and had something within themselves of me truly left.
I had friends, a lover that I cherished dearly, but it was all pissed away by misplacement of my thoughts; the borrowing of ideas which ruined any ounce of who I may have been,
But where could I go, what could I do, what can I see? Who is here watching listening to me? Can you heal your own wounds with the time of the hours, which are really only days and years. Can you ride through the valley of dried flowers sober or must we stop and have a beer. I have no fear now; I know I can step through the door of whose questions are left unanswered by language and understanding of humanity without a key. This is what always frustrated me; academia and the advanced achievements it sowed. Yet how much they are all, we are all pretenders of owed; thinking we know this and that cell phones and sports stats the status quo, neuro-chemistry and history, anthropological theological mystical facts our goals and effigies ? yet how many of us live and see? What happens when death opens our eyes; do the details of human enterprise wail and cry? Do the memories of such things over power us to fear, or do they disappear baptizing our vision clear. So i lay healthy yet sick and bound, to the philosophies of those who stand on fictitious solid ground; when lucid reasons are all that make sense and knowledge only lives in present tense, yet we claim importance to our own hypocrisies; the remembrance of facts, those terribly elegant false liberties. But yet we all fall into linguistic contemplation and pretend we know our meditation; nothing but psychological sedation, hypocritical deterioration; hypocrisy is all that lives to be when death is the truth that sets you free, from you and from me, laying beyond any conditioned thought we could have ever grown to see, so I plea, return to the depths in which we came, im not sure how and i feel ashamed; but dont look for wisdom in answers, it can be found in death like cancer