Invisible War of the Mind (2010)

by Haunted Houses

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  • Invisible War of the Mind (2010) Cassette
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    High-Bias cassette Limited run on Bathetic Records 2010

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Cassette Release on Bathetic BATH011, the first of two releases on Bathetic in 2010, lo-fi new jersey swamp rhythms and dirt anthems


released May 26, 2010

Ryan LoPilato



all rights reserved
Track Name: a Night of Pan
everything worked out like it did before
it almost felt like peace in the chorus
and everything I thought about you is all a lie
and I have built up dreams inside my head that have myself
be a victim a victim
a victim of hope
so shut your eye (3rd eye)
so everything can go wrong tonight
end it all tonight
makin sure everything is all right
so I say die baby die
la falas ida
don't want to you see you alive now baby
my friend was out of the grave and straight into prison
was sellin deisel at a bus station and got caught
it's funny how my life is over before it started before its over
you've been burying your head under the pillow for too long
too long
and you've been sleeping with your eyes open out the window
for too long
and I don't like the truth
and I know I have to use
but I'm confused with out you
Track Name: a Wake in the Mountains
I drove my cliff, I mean I drove my car off it
stressed out, from being I stressed out, I mean thinking about death
wasted I mean wasted I mean passed out on the floor half
dead, hey I
Stop by I mean don't stop I mean answer my calls
wasted I mean fucked up I mean passed out pissed my draws
so I want to die
but I'm too afraid to try
wasted I mean shit faced, I mean cut myself with a knife god damned
woke up that wasn't right
where do we go?
the days at the rodeo don't exist in my home town
but its ok, I have ran away to another trace to another place
to find
that's where the police like to go
and hell, you know, yeah you know, where to go
Track Name: a Morning Light
I saw you
I thought it was true,
thought it was you but
I never had a clue, who you are
so here's the start of our conversation
What's your name? mines Ryan I'm waitin
and I'll follow you as I walk
where I go, and I know where you go
I thought of you, I thought of my mind
Wish I could revise my inner sense of being
so I went to the hospital but that didn't work for me
so I just sit back relax, smoke weed,
now tell me about the troubles in your life
want to feel better about my own life
and I feel fine, just so god damn pissed all the time
well I kid my self.
I fought the law it didnt work for me
wish I could back away and float a dream
too bad the times come and inflict our lives
to the fellow man
thats just the best of the worst of what you think of me
and you know that you don't know
our house saw wood but never saw the fire til the sun rise
when the sun hit my eyes and I felt fine
Track Name: a Thanks Anyway
the shit kept me down and brought it all around
I bind my face against the floor again
the feel sucks and it only works as its broken on the table
and goes up then it disappears inside my head
and it seems so bright
and Its nice to know but
Track Name: a Dream Departure
So I guess this is goodbye
forgotten memories forgotten times
you don't know, because it was wrong in you
the sky was amber did you see me when I melted down?
my heart is tempered because you're around

So I hope you spent your life with respect every night
everything's all right
and I knowww
So I guess this is goodbye
where losing is trying
so there is nothing left to do
than spend my life with you
and I'll beat it every day
I'll beat it every day and I mean it

Yet everytime you step on my toes, I lie and say it's ok
gota god later down the line, everything's ok
gotta a call from the people at the mall askin me for a job
We're all gone and I know everything is ok
Track Name: b Beach
And you Remember the age
when you called
you know who's sold
you know who goes
you know you show whats known
so we are thinking, drinking all night
gettin tipsy all howd i come to live this life
Why did I divide?

Do you really need me?
Do you sleep? do you carry on for me?
You know you're wrong
everyone else is right that's whats lone
and I hate it more than you
but its true
buryin the fire
you realize you're wrong forever
do you make all what you have?
I think you make all what you have
are you trying?
or is this just a game we play
are you wrong?
I think you're wrong in this time
and I believe in everything I've seen in your dreams

I slept on the road to death
and all you're friends are wrong they live round and round

I believe in you're bedroom dreams haunt you at night
I believe with this gun I received I can shoot you tonight
I know, know where to go when I kill you,
take your body to the woods and bury you...
now you know.
Track Name: b We are Jackson Whites
And I was wasted but I didn't know
do you believe in burning through fire
was that you keeping you awake?
I am confused, it's ok, ha ha ha ha

Do you know you? I know me
wish I could change and let me see
you know you want to

Held my self down forgot why
need to find help in myself, avoid hard times
but I'm craving
craving inside, you
Track Name: b Untitled
Well our lives are gone
and there is no one here but me
television lies
the cold truths they deny for the minds of kids today

do you forget that, we're all alive
it could be worse of times
I love with you all my heart baby I gotta
the love of ours

when is this going to stop
fuckin get me out here
but I need to go home
please leave me alone
god damn, god damn

and we all sleep
but I dont dream because I take pills you see
and you don't know me
I don't know myself
I'm just a fuckin disease

and you don't believe
because your phone, or your tv or video screen
and i don't really think
I have room to breath so I'll just go home, alone.
Track Name: b Truth
Saw God
knew it wasn't true
we have this problem
me and you
where we actually think we have a fucking clue
and I remember what you thought you knew
but honesty is your weakest proof
I don't believe you, I don't believe the truth
so I, with my two eyes will watch you go
out you go

now you know how it feels to be pushed out and I loved you
but now we're two and I once was one with you
so I thought so you proved, you weren't in
I know how you feel
the god damn lies, they'll
make you feel so unreal
and I believed in light
bad times are only you're life
so let us try

so let us try and move away
for no more days
we'll pick a place where we all want to be
god damn I tried, you lied
so nevermind, nevermind
Track Name: b The Invisible War of the Mind
well I know how the people are down
about everything you said but I didn't want to waste your time
everything I have is something that I wrote and
I didn't know I was never close
everything that you know, comes from the inside
everything that you know, everything that you know
comes from the inside, inside.
I used to feel like everyone else I know, now I don't
I used to feel like everyone I used to know, now I don't, now I don't
But now I know how you wasted my time
and you know how everything works out
so let me know, please help, help me out

and I believe don't believe you
never have, and I never will
so the grass is never green
I promise honest, that you are of mine
to smoke, together provoking conversations
we really should have