Cave Songs (2014)

by Haunted Houses

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The first two songs were recorded in a cave in the Ramapough Mountains just north of the NY/NJ state line with no effects other than the natural reverb of the cavern.


released July 3, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: My Light
Well it kills my heart
to let you go and depart
I've held you, so many times
but there comes a day when we'll find
that our love was always true
like a flower that once bloomed
it fades into the dark
of the matter that it once was a part

So I find myself in you
and I'll always know know that somewhere the skies are blue
even in the darkest nights
you'll be that star over my head shining my light
Track Name: Broken Ties
Broken the ties
to the perception that binds the inner blind
my heart denied
so I sit caged awaiting the daze of my demise
in a thought or a whole life